The Visible vs The Invisible

Unprecedented Market Challenges?

The pressure to be increasingly competitive and the ability to exhibit extraordinary agility in the market place - these two factors have driven successful outsourcing beyond the more obvious and visible components of the outsourcing decision, i.e., getting the most competitive price while ensuring manufacturing-to-quality and delivery.


Unparalleled Market Opportunities?

The very purpose of TMS is to empower customers with sustained competitiveness and extraordinary agility. Naturally, the spectrum of customized manufacturing services TMS offers reflects this. Importantly, TMS offers four important invisible components of sourcing programs that uniquely address the unprecedented market challenges; the very challenges successful global companies are placing before their sourcing partners.

CAMERON, CRANE, LOWES, HOME DEPOT, PEGLER, BARCLAYS, SIMMONS INTERNATIONAL- over the last 23 years, these are some of the global business giants who have sourced the services offered by TMS spanning the entire manufacturing spectrum.


Consistent Track Record

Rapid Scalability

Deep Traceability

Thorough Testing Capability

IPR Security and Confidentiality

TMS addresses the new outsourcing challenges

We are a team of 150, led by a leadership team that is driven to ensure our customers benefit immensely from the custom-configured services we offer.

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