Components, Assemblies and Sub-Assemblies

Engineered components we manufacture demand strict attention to quality and tolerances. We currently manufacture and supply over a 1000 components, assemblies and subassemblies, to our customers who are leaders in Oil & Gas technology solutions. Given the range of sizes, shapes and volumes we produce, material processing sources may be castings, forgings, Hot Rolled/ Cold Rolled Plates and Bars. Currently, a majority of the components we make are supplied to Cameron's various plants in the US (Little Rock, Oklahoma City, Ville Platte, Duncan, & Millbury), for a range of plug valves, gate valves & ball valves.

We also manufacture turnkey sub-assemblies and assemblies and supply to Cameron- Ville Platte, Little Rock and Crane Fluid Systems. All of the assemblies we ship go through rigorous testing and quality checks, as applicable in a customer's bill-of-material.

Management of our versatile manufacturing system is made possible by 'IntEnt', the Intelligent Enterprise Management System (ERP) developed by TMS.


We go beyond manufacturing 'make-to-order' products and innovated continuously, both on processes and products. Through such continuous improvement programs, we have invented solutions for our customers by which, we hold patents for improvement in technology.

We develop custom solutions for our customers via applied engineering, aided by advanced design and simulation software. The building blocks and support structures that are required to sustain long term manufacturing campaigns (such as casting patterns, machining fixtures, and specialized tooling) are all designed and maintained by TMS. We also develops very specific and highly detailed rigging designs and standard operating procedures, using advanced simulation software.


TMS offers the technical and commercial know-how of how to identify, nurture and develop vendors to take giant leaps towards quality, delivery and competency. These services have been leveraged by leading International companies including Fortune 500 giants. The services offered by TMS are usually custom designed to address & support the specific challenges that clients face.

The services include:

  • Source identification
  • Pre-selection Audits
  • Engineering support
  • Addressing Quality issues
  • Developing systems for Quality Assurance
  • Pre-shipment Inspection & Certifications
  • Process improvement support addressing Cost, Quality & Delivery
  • IPR security related support
  • Logistics management
  • Innovative Packaging

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